We Can Help With

We Can Help When:

  • A child has a delay in meeting motor milestones.
  • A child has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, PDD, autistic spectrum, dysfunction of sensory integration (DSI), spina bifida, closed head injury, hydrocephalus, Down Syndrome, congenital anomalies, or other neurological disorders.
  • A child is having trouble with decreased skills in daily activities such as feeding and dressing.
  • A child has balance and coordination problems.
  • A child is unable to organize self.
  • A child has difficulty with handwriting.
  • A child over-reacts or under-reacts to movement, touch, or sound.
  • A child demonstrates learning disabilities.
  • A child is struggling with social skills.
  • A child is having trouble with speaking or language.
  • A child has problems swallowing or feeding.
  • A child’s movements, patterns, and postures seem unusual.
  • A child’s family members need information and support.