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Arlington Pediatric Therapy Management Services, Ltd. has been providing the most outstanding pediatric therapy and physical therapy to children throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area for close to three and a half decades.  We have an enviable position as having the most exceptional team of physical therapists, speech therapists, aquatic therapists and occupational therapists who are completely committed to enhancing the lives of children, newborns and young adults with their incredible therapeutic intervention services.  Arlington Pediatric Therapy’s mission in life is to offer the most exceptional pediatric therapy for special needs children in our outpatient programs.  Moreover, while continuing to augment the quality of our clients’ lives, in addition to their families, it is well-known that our Palatine clientele consistently choose Arlington Pediatric Therapy over all of our other competitors.   

Palatine Pediatric Therapy

Arlington Heights, home of Arlington Pediatric Therapy, is approximately 3.3 miles southeast of Palatine, Illinois.  By merging innovative and traditional therapy methods into our program, we are able to ensure that our Palatine patients’ special needs are specifically addressed.  We are also well-known for providing many possibilities for our Palatine families to work with our Arlington Pediatric Therapy’s physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists and aquatic therapists.  This stimulates and encourages Palatine families to ultimately incorporate our therapies into their own families’ routines.  Additionally, we are able to provide considerable services like educational programs and support groups to our Palatine families.  Palatine families understand intimately that Arlington Pediatric Therapy’s pediatric therapists are credentialed providers in Early Intervention and as State of Illinois evaluators.

Palatine Pediatric Physical Therapy

On the occasion patients require any of Arlington Pediatric Therapy’s occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy or aquatic therapy, we are the only name they need to know.  We have American Red Cross trained and certified aquatic therapists who serve as Shallow Water Attendants.  You can also depend upon our occupational therapists to work with your son or daughter on life skills, while our speech therapists will be endeavoring to help your child with speaking, communication and oral motor function skills.  Best of all, every one of our programs is integrated into the other programs.  Each one is a part of the whole.  Arlington Pediatric Therapy is keenly aware that we have an extraordinary team of committed professionals and pediatric therapists who give of themselves every day to improve your child’s life in every way possible.  If you would like to discover more about our exceptional programs and world-class pediatric therapists, call Arlington Pediatric Therapy Management Services, Ltd., today at: (847) 255-8690.    

Palatine Physical Therapy | Palatine Pediatric Therapy | Palatine Pediatric Physical Therapy | Palatine Speech Therapy | Palatine Aquatic Therapy | Palatine Occupational Therapy