Flourish In the Footlights

Flourish in the Footlights is a year-long program that provides experience in the performing arts as well as the opportunity to participate in a production on the Metropolis Stage.  The program is presented as a partnership between Arlington Pediatric Therapy, Friends of Children in Therapy and the Metropolis School of the Performing Arts.  The program has been offered for over 10 amazing years!   Flourish in the Footlights is for young adults with special needs ages 13 and up.

Step 1: Acting Techniques         

The program begins with an 8 week Acting Techniques course.  This class focuses on developing the actors’ tools – body, imagination and voice.

 Step 2: Production (24 workshops/rehearsals)

The second half of the program focuses on story analysis, story, building, collaborative script writing, character development, character intentions and relationships, memorization, rehearsal process and culminating in a production on the Metropolis stage.


The staff for Flourish in the Footlights is comprised of both special needs professionals and performing arts professionals. Metropolis provides 1 lead director/instructor with comprehensive experience in working with actors with special needs, as well as 1 qualified assistant and 1 qualified volunteer for all classes and rehearsals. Arlington Pediatric Therapy provides 1 special educator and 1 licensed Occupational Therapist for every class/rehearsal. A team of 5 adults will be helping to facilitate and produce Flourish in the Footlights for another incredible year!

For more questions about the Flourish in the Footlights Program, please contact the Metropolis School of Performing Arts Outreach Program at 847-577-5982 ext. 239 or Arlington Pediatric Therapy at 847-255-8690.