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Arlington Pediatric Therapy Management Services, Ltd. has been delivering the highest quality of physical therapy and pediatric therapy to children throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area for more than three decades.  Our exceptional team of physical therapists, speech therapists, aquatic therapists and occupational therapists are highly regarded for their outstanding therapeutic intervention services to children, newborns and young adults.  Arlington Pediatric Therapy’s is well known to improving the lives of the patients they serve.  Further, our mission is to offer the most unique pediatric therapy for children in outpatient programs, while focusing on enhancing the quality of the lives of all of the special needs children in our program, in addition to helping their families.  Without a doubt this is one of the significant reasons why we are able to attract so many Buffalo Grove children and their families to our pediatric therapy programs.

Buffalo Grove Pediatric Therapy

Arlington Heights, home of Arlington Pediatric Therapy, is located less than seven miles south of Buffalo Grove, Illinois.  We have discovered that by incorporating traditional and novel pediatric therapy methods, we can satisfy many of our Buffalo Grove patients’ special needs.  Arlington Pediatric Therapy is also distinguished for offering the chances for Buffalo Grove patients and their families to work cooperatively with our physical therapists, speech therapists and aquatic therapists.  Further, this process serves as an incentive for Buffalo Grove families to assimilate our physical therapy and other therapies into their family routines.  At Arlington Pediatric Therapy, we make other valuable services available to our Buffalo Grove families like educational and encouragement groups.  Moreover, Buffalo Grove families understand that the pediatric therapists at Arlington Pediatric Therapy are credentialed providers in Early Intervention and evaluators for the State of Illinois.

Buffalo Grove Pediatric Physical Therapy

And, for our patients who need occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy, Arlington Pediatric Therapy is also delivers aquatic therapy to patients.  Our licensed aquatic therapists have been certified through the American Red Cross as Shallow Water Attendants.  It is well-known that our occupational therapists endeavor to augment your child’s life skills, while, our speech therapists and pathologists are seeking to improve your child’s oral motor function, speaking and communication skills.  An additional advantage is that every one of our specific therapies fortifies the other therapies and reinforces our patients’ total progress.  We consider ourselves to be very privileged to have such an exceptional team of enthusiastic, proficient and gifted physical therapists who apply their professional skills and cutting-edge techniques to help your child in increasing mobility, strength and function.  For additional information about Arlington Pediatric Therapy Management Services, Ltd. and our efficient and helpful programs, call us at: (847) 255-8690, today.    

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